August 31, 2011

Surprise Showers and Bowling

Pin It now! Today I had two very different work events.  The first was a surprise bridal shower for one of my co-workers.  She had no idea we were setting up the large conference room with streamers, cake and lots of food.  She came in thinking there was a big meeting, notebook and all.  It was the perfect surprise though, and you can't go wrong with cake from Magnolia.  Love the bride cake topper.
I then met up with co-workers from my old group for bowling at Frames in the Port Authority.  I am a terrible bowler!  Seriously, I actually bowled a 35 one time!  Tonight I wanted to hit at least 100.  I didn't get triple digits but I came close - 88.  We're going bowling again in a couple of weeks so I have to redeem myself.   By the way, have you been to Frames?  It's really nice in there!  It has a lounge and restaurant too so if you need a quick bite before catching your bus, it's the perfect place.

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