October 1, 2011

Black Eyed Peas Concert at Central Park (Robin Hood Foundation fundraiser)

Pin It now! Tonight the girls and I went out to Central Park for Robin Hood Foundation's second attempt at a (free!) Black Eyed Peas concert.  This was one of the most amazing concerts I've been to!  The Great Lawn is ridiculously big and held almost 60,000 people for the concert.  It started to downpour rain at the end of the concert, but that made it that much more fun.  My favorites of the night...when they played the LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem video on the big screens during intermission/stage change (we shuffled like no one's business) and BEP's last song of the night, I Gotta Feeling...yeah, wedding flashbacks. 

I'm so glad my girls partied like rockstars and stayed out in the rain.  It made the night with all of the music, dancing and craziness one of the top 10 nights!

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