October 3, 2011

The Weekend

Pin It now! On Saturday, hubby, a couple of friends and neighbors and I took a road trip upstate.  People told me that Westchester, Dutchess and Ulster Counties are not really upstate, but isn't anything north of the Bronx upstate?  Believe me.

We started with lunch at Horsefeathers in Sleepy Hollow and then drove through the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.  We somehow missed the Headless Horseman bridge made famous by Washington Irving's story, but driving through was a little spooky enough.  We drove up a little more and stopped by Sprout Creek Farm for cheese.  Lots of cheese - they gave us all a cheese tasting of twelve delicious cheeses.  My favorite was the Madeleine - something close to a Parmesan.  We walked around the farm which reminded me of farm from Marky Mark's fabulous film The Happening.  (If you haven't already seen it, I was just being sarcastic right now.  Don't bother.)

We ate again (of course) before heading up to Ulster Park for the main reason for the road trip, the Headless Horseman Hayrides.  I was a little freaked out before we went since everyone who had gone before said it was pretty scary.  It was fun!  Definitely scary though - there are actors dressed up as zombies and freaky monsters that jump out at you.  The worst part was a little corridor that was completely dark and you had to feel your way through.  Freaked me out.

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