August 30, 2012


Pin It now! Summer 2012 has been fabulous.  My blogging about it, not so much.  Here's a condensed version of life lately.

~swimsuit fashion show at beekman beer garden followed by torrential rains.  luckily the beer garden is under a huge tent and luckily the rain washed away all the guys' photos of swim suit butts~

~Hester Street Fair Nights with June~
~Yankee games~
We made it on the Jumbotron!  One bucket list item checked off the list.
~Drinks at Nights and Weekends~
Granville is awesome and makes amazing slushy drinks.
~lots of beautiful sunsets~

~homemade airplane by a grandpa on the stoop by bedford ave. if you look closely, it's made out of soda bottles and a mini heineken keg, among other things..this is why i love this town!~

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