August 8, 2012

Three Years

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I'm not going to say that I can't believe we've been married for three years because I'm always saying time flies for everything.  It's true though.  Although it felt like a blink of an eye, it's been truly wonderful.  Who thought putting together a Scorpio and Leo would be so amazing without too many hiccups.  We continuing to learn from each other and more importantly, motivate each other to move forward.  I'm trying to communicate more effectively and not shy away from confrontation.  You know it's my biggest weakness.  Not sweating the small stuff is also some good advice (that I should use on myself!).  Then there's the really good stuff...someone who loves me even if I giggle at everything and look like a nerdy 18 year old without any make-up on; having an amazing cook who I keep telling should be on Masterchef; someone who doesn't judge me (too much) if I don't go to the gym for weeks at a time or have Dough donuts once a week; and having someone who shares being content with going to the Lobster Joint for our anniversary dinner with no expectation of fanciness or pomp and circumstance.  We sat at the bar, ordered happy hour drinks, fried oyster sliders, lobster salad sliders, and lots more drinks.  We watched the Olympic men's weightlifting on the TV above the bar and talked about our day.  We walked home and took in this beautiful sunset.

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