April 29, 2011

Someone's Getting Married Today!

Pin It now! Are you excited for the big event today??  A prince and soon-to-be princess are getting married!  As far as weddings go, this is as fabulous as they come.  Even with the time difference, a lot of people here are gearing up to watch the wedding live.  I would have loved to plan an English tea party, with hats, scones and everything, and invite other crazy people to watch starting at 4am in the morning (all the news channels are starting early), but I couldn't find anyone to take part.  I'm so sad sometimes.  Instead, with the help of the how-did-we-live-without-it DVR, I taped multiple channels that are showing the wedding and all of the gossip, fashion and pomp and circumstance. 

I'm not sure what time the Times Square viewing party is taking place, but how cool is it to brave Times Square so early in the morning to watch a royal wedding.

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