June 15, 2012

Thank You, Please Come Again

Pin It now! I've had a few really good Etsy finds lately.  My favorite are the prints in the kitchen and entryway.  Michael thought of a funny saying from the Simpsons, which is perfect as a goodbye next to the front door, and Bird Ave was wonderful at customizing color and text.  She even sent different proofs before making the actual prints.  I chose Brooklyn prints (of course), but the shop has a huge selection of other cities and towns.  I snatched up the water tower print as soon as I saw it.  I'm loving the combination of colors, especially with our new console table. 

So entryway....check.  My next part of the house that I want to reconsider is the living room console table and art.  It's lacking personality and as Vern Yip said in a recent episode of Design Star, "It looks like the accessories are from a boring discount store" (or something to that effect).  Ouch, time for a redesign.


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