June 11, 2012

The Weekend

Pin It now! How was your weekend?  We watched our neighbor's dog for the weekend and this adorable cutie was the perfect house guest.  He's so easy going and it was fun to play doggie parents for a few days.  His tongue doesn't seem to ever fit in his mouth and is always stick out a bit. 

June also came to visit on Saturday and we did a food tour at the Smorgasburg.  I love my friends because they love to eat.  We made our way to the Lumpia Shack, Piggies in a Blanket, brisket at Mighty Quinn and of course donuts at Dough.  The weather held out a bit for us to lounge out by the pool and the we met up with some others for dinner at the Roebling Tea House.  It was our first time at the Tea House and it was fabulous.  I've heard about it from others and have read the reviews, but was absolutely surprised by how delicious the food was.  The menu changes all the time so we had to order most of the appetizers on the menu.  I could have had a meal with just their appetizers - don't you love to do that?  I could have also had ten of their strawberry rhubarb crumbles - delicious.  We walked home and caught the end of the first of three Williamsburg Walks.  10 blocks of Bedford Ave were closed to make the neighborhood car-free for a few hours.  It was so nice to walk through the streets at night, be able to sit on the grass they laid out, listen to a crazy hillbilly band, and we found an old-school candy store - Handsome Dan's - inside the Williamsburg Mini Mall.  Charlie and Jason went crazy with the button candy, wax bottle candies and candy cigarettes.  The store even had Razzles!

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